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Carriers launching Fighter Bombers

Carriers launching Fighter Bombers.

The Aircraft Carrier is a Modern age small Modern Age warship providing a fleet with air support by deploying versatile Fighter Bombers and, in the Information Age, Jet Fighter Bombers.

Unit description Edit

The Aircraft Carrier becomes available at the Dock once a nation has entered the Modern age small Modern Age. It comes with a full squadron of seven Fighter Bomber aircraft and production requires not only a huge amount of Wealth Wealth and Oil Oil, but also 9 free population points—two for the carrier plus one for each aircraft.

Fighter Bombers are versatile aircraft, effective against both units and buildings. In the Information Age, they can be upgraded to Jet Fighter Bombers by researching the Jet Fighter upgrade at an Airbase.

Carriers have the ability to slowly repair themselves at a rate of 0.75 hit points per second (1 HP every 20 frames). This stacks with Citrus healing. However, carriers are unable to garrison in a Dock or any other building for faster healing.

Combat Edit

In combat, the Carrier entirely relies on its aircraft, either Fighter Bombers or Jet Fighter Bombers. When the Carrier is attacked, it automatically launches (scrambles) all aircraft available, similar to Airbases under attack.

The Carrier is shown to have an attack strength of 60 and a range of 9 tiles and it is also depicted with a total of four platforms (two near the bow, two at the island) fitted with anti-aircraft weaponry. However, the unit isn't given any actual weapons. Attack strength and range are probably leftovers from earlier development stages of the game, where the carrier was supposed to get AA capabilities (like carriers in the real world).

Upgrades Edit

There are no upgrades nor any unique versions to this unit. However, the Japanese create carriers 10% cheaper and 33% faster. The British creates carriers 33% faster, as with all other ships. The Americans (Thrones & Patriots) receive a 20% discount on production of both carriers and aircraft.

Tactics Edit

Aircraft Carriers are the epitome of military might. A small force of 3-5 carriers can devastate a city, and 7 or more are a recipe for destruction. Parking a carrier group off an enemy nation's shore gives an opportunity to wipe it off the face of the Earth. However, as carriers are extremely vulnerable to surface warships and submarines, it is wise to have a destroyer screen backed up by battleships to defend the carriers. Furthermore, having a handful of Attack Helicopters guard your precious Aircraft Carriers could greatly enhance your defenses.

Counter-Tactics Edit

Deploy several submarines to eliminate any pesky enemy Aircraft Carriers and their planes. After the Carriers have been eliminated, the planes will eventually crash. V2 Rockets and Cruise Missiles are also effective if the enemy Aircraft Carriers remain stationary as they deal more damage to Aircraft Carriers (200%) than to other ships.

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