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The Airbase is a military structure, where Aircraft are built, upgraded and also operated from. The Airbase becomes available in the Industrial Age Industrial Age and, being a military structure, it can be built anywhere within friendly (own or allied) borders.

The Airbase can build three types of aircraft:

Unlike most units, Bombers and Fighters can only operate from their assigned airbase and, like Missile Silos, Airbases also show a radius on the minimap, displaying the ranges that Fighters and Bombers may cover before returning to refuel. Its possible to recall selected aircraft (hotkey: Y) back to airbase. Aircraft can be also transferred from one airbase to another (hotkey: T). Repeat orders can be turned off (hotkey: E).

Nation powersEdit

  • The American Power of Innovation: Receive 1 free Bomber upon an Airbase's completion from Modern Age Modern Age onwards.
  • The German Power of Industry: Receive 2 free Fighters upon an Airbase's completion.
  • The Indian Power of Majesty: Airbases do not rise in cost.
  • The Lakota Power of the Plains: Can build Airbases anywhere except in enemy territory.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: Airbases have +25% hit points and are built 20% faster.

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