Ages are the main hallmarks of technological development in Rise of Nations, and represent the periods of time in which human history has seen significant changes and/or development in the arts, sciences, technology, economy, warfare, religion and philosophy.

There are a total of eight different ages in the game. Players, by default, start in the Ancient Age Ancient Age, and can advance up to the Information Age Information Age, acquiring new technologies, units, and resources along the way. These in-game ages correspond to the current historical notion of time periods, such as the Industrial Revolution or the Classical Era.

Age Advancement Edit

As you put on fresh new clothes and take off those you've worn,
You'll replace your body with a fresh one, newly born.

- Bhagavad-Gita (Cap II)

After enough research of the four main branches of technology has been carried out, an Age Age Advancement will be avaliable for research at the Library.

Advancing to a new age can be costly, but necessary if the nation is to remain competitive and be able to survive. For instance, age advancement allows for the introduction of newer, stronger military units, often impossible to defeat if the gap in techonology is wide enough. Age also increase the capabilities of a nation as a whole, allowing it to expand its influence further and dramatically increase its gathering rates and Population Limit population. Most structures also unlock and upgrade along with age advancement, increasing the nation's economic, military and strategic potential. The vast majority of wonders can only be built if the technology and age requirements are met. An example is the Space Program, a wonder that can turn the tide of an entire game, can only be built in the Information Age Information Age.

Advancing through all ages also allows for future technology, the most powerful of technologies, to be researched.

Advancement Discounts Edit

If an opposing (not allied) nation has already researched an Age first, then you will receive a 20% discount on the Knowledge, and 10% discount on all the other basic resources on the cost for researching the next Age. If an opposing nation is two or more Ages ahead, then the discount doubles: 40% on Knowledge and 20% on all other basic resources to reach the next age.

Age Description
Ancient Age Large
Ancient Age
First available age to players by default.
Classical Age Large
Classical Age
Medieval Age Large
Medieval Age
  • Third age available to players.
  • Spies and Supply Wagons become avaliable.
  • Requires researching any four more technologies through the Library, and paying 250 Food Food and 250 Knowledge Knowledge.
Gunpowder Age Large
Gunpowder Age
  • Fourth available age to players.
  • The widespread introduction of gunpowder warfare, particularly for infantry.
  • The rare resource Sulphur becomes avaliable.
  • Requires researching 10 more technologies through the Library, and paying 600 Food Food and 600 Knowledge Knowledge.
Enlightenment Age Large
Enlightenment Age
  • Fifth available age to players.
  • Requires researching 14 more technologies through the Library, and paying 650 Food Food and 1300 Knowledge Knowledge.
Industrial Age Large
Industrial Age
Modern Age Large
Modern Age
  • Seventh available age to players.
  • Nuclear Warfare is introduced.
  • Aircraft becomes more advanced, the Aircraft Carrier and Helicopters are introduced.
  • Requires researching 22 more technologies through the Library, and paying 3750 Knowledge Knowledge and 1500 Oil Oil.
Information Age Large
Information Age
  • Eighth and final age available to players.
  • Requires researching a total of 26 technologies through the Library, and paying 6000 Knowledge Knowledge and 2400 Oil Oil.
  • In this final age, Library research offers the powerful future technologies.