Age of Darkness is a mod that is meant to explore world history throughout the years 1917-1945 CE. This mod is currently in development on Moddb.

In addition, the tech tree of Age of Darkness is also being projected for reuse in two other related projects, the Vietnam War Mod. as well as an expansion of A Wrong Turn, tentatively named "Fall of Civilization".

As of 6th June 2017, the most recent version of this mod is AXP2: White Terror , and is playable for the Gold version of Rise of Nations.


  • The role of oil in the first half ot the 20th century (modern weapons such as tanks and battleships consume a fair deal of oil. Oil-producing regions produce additional armies on CtW)
  • The struggle for supremacy between liberalism, socialism and reaction
  • Psychological warfare and propaganda (the wrong political choices may result in successful infiltration and riots by enemies in your cities)
  • Mechanisation vs "horse & bayonet" armies- rifle infantry and cavalry will still be around, but their position, secure in the early game, will be increasingly challenged as the game goes by.
  • Better atmosphere - buildings and units designed are to lend an atmosphere more appropriate for the period, spanning over twenty factions based in every continent of the modern world.

Screenshots of the modEdit


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