African Watering Hole
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
All the rare resources lie around the lone watering hole at the center of the map. Happy hunting!

African Watering Hole is a land map that contains a small portion of water in the middle. All of the few rare resources are found around the water thus competiting to obtain them can be quite intense.


Depending on the amount of nations, each player will be placed adjacent and/or opposite of another thus memorizing the position of an enemy player should be fairly easy. Remember that all of the rare resources are found around the small lake in the middle of the map thus hunting for resources should not be hard at all. Naval power is not recommended as there is too little water (unless enemy nations are crossing the water). Instead, your air force and infantry units are sufficient enough to support or resist an invasion.

Resources Edit

Strategies & Hints Edit

Main Article: African Watering Hole/Strategies


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