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The Advanced Fighter is the final upgrade in the Fighter line of aircraft. It upgrades from the Jet Fighter and can be researched at the Airbase, once Global Prosperity has been researched.

It is devastating against enemy aircraft and very good at attacking ground targets. It can be used to gravely damage an enemy's army before launching an offensive with your own army, or to directly dispatch them in the battlefield to surely turn the tide of battle.

They are the best defense against enemy stealth bombers and can easily destroy them in a more competent manner than any other fighters. Due to this, it is not uncommon to see swarms of Advanced Fighters circling and guarding key buildings (wonders, capital cities etc.) in order to keep the buildings from the mass of incoming enemy bombers.

Production Edit

Like its predecessors, the Advanced Fighter is built at the Airbase.

Production cost increases for every unit of the same type, whether on the field or currently in production, by a fixed +2 Wealth Wealth / +2 Oil Oil. However, the maximum cost for Advanced Fighter is capped at 202 Wealth Wealth / 202 Oil Oil (reached with 56 units). Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

Aluminum, a rare resource, reduces the base cost of Jet Fighters (and all other aircraft) by 15% and increases their speed by 25%.

Trivia Edit

The Advanced Fighter's model seems to combine elements of the F-22 Raptor (wing configuration, tail assembly) and the experimental aircraft Lockheed Martin X-35 (single engine, front section), which ultimately went into production in 2006 as the F-35 Lightning II. The Advanced Fighter's V-tail reads "JSF-1", giving a hint to the Joint Strike Fighter program. Note that the game was released in 2003, prior to the F-35's production start.

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