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The Advanced Battleship is the final upgrade in the Heavy Ships unit line. It becomes available in the Information Age and, once researched, upgrades all existing Battleships.


The Advanced Battleship is the final version of the Battleship, as the big, slow-moving Heavy Ship of that glorious era has passed into obsolescence. Advanced Battleship is a purposefully general term, and this ship attacks with missiles instead of guns, being more akin to a guided missile destroyer. Fired missiles are the most accurate and destructive naval armament in game.

In comparison to it's predecessor, the Battleship, the Advanced Battleship receives +40 hit points, +1 armor, +5 attack strength, +2 attack range, +2 movement speed, and +1 line of sight.

Production Edit

The Advanced Battleship is built and upgraded at the Dock.

Production cost for this unit increases progressively with every Dock unit on the field or currently in production. The maximum cost for Advanced Battleship is capped at 315 Metal Metal / 202 Oil Oil. Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.


Slightly tougher, faster and better armored than its Modern Age counterpart, the Advanced Battleship is the ultimate beast of the seas. It boasts a enormous kill range (as illustrated in the picture, inside the infobox) and the firepower to match.

The Advanced Battleship is equipped with two sets of three missile launchers. When attacking, she fires a volley of six missiles, each missile dealing 6.8 points of direct damage and 25% splash damage to nearby targets. Unlike its predecessors, the Advanced Battleship doesn't fire her weapons broadside.

Like all Heavy Ships, the Advanced Battleship is very effective in fighting Light Ships and most other vessels. It is also very effective in bombarding coastal areas and bringing down cities near the coast, so ground forces can move in and capture them.

The main weaknesses of the Advanced Battleship are Submarines and Aircraft.

This substantial rate of firepower is enough to cripple any other Naval Vessel that dares gets close or any City it may encounter.


  • If you have the seas to yourself, feel free to release these deadly warships into it. Advanced Battleships thrive in rattling coastal enemy cities with their missiles.
  • Treat your Advanced Battleships as if they're Aircraft Carriers themselves. Aircraft and submarines can attack a battleship, against which the battleship has no defense. Use Missile Cruisers to protect your warships from them.
  • When bombarding coastal areas, you might want to switch their stance to Stand Ground to prevent the ship from moving around or out of range.


Despite their powerful arsenal, Advanced Battleships are vulnerable to enemy aircraft and ship-hunting Submarines. Aircraft launched from both inland Airbases and Aircraft Carriers will have no problem disposing of exposed Battleships, especially enemy Helicopters which can sink one with little time and resistance.

All of these is what compensates this unit's dominance of the seas.

Unit model Edit

The Advanced Battleship's model is based on the Soviet Slava-class cruiser (slava "glory"), a guided missile cruiser designed and constructed for the Soviet Navy. However, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, only three out of ten ships originally planned were completed and commissioned in 1982, 1986, and 1989. These ships are currently operated by the Russian Navy. A fourth vessel was launched but never completed, it is currently owned by Ukraine.


  • The Advanced Battleship model is actually a Russian Slava-class heavy missile cruiser. Battleships have been rendered obsolete through guided missiles and aircraft carriers, and there are no battleships currently in active service. Most have been scrapped, while others serve as museum ships.
  • Oddly enough, the Advanced Battleship sustains more damage from the Cruiser type of unit, while the Battleship, its predecessor, sustains lesser damage from the Cruiser. This is most likely an oversight.